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Welcome to Netcom Digital Center, your Internet Café in Aruba!

Netcom Digital Center has been established since June, 2004 in downtown of  Oranjestad, capital of Aruba. We offer Internet access to people of all age group, from beginners to expert users. We provide high speed Internet Access (ADSL 2048mbps Downstream Data Rate) in our 15 computer with Windows XP available with:

viņeta Web Cam
viņeta Headphone with microphone
viņeta Front USB
viņeta Media readers to download your picture from your digital cameras or your cards to send it via e-mail, in available in some computers at no extra charge
viņeta On Site Computer Assistance
viņeta Office Applications (Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher)
viņeta Instant Messaging (MSN - ICQ - Yahoo - AOL)
viņeta Program to Download music, videos, etc

Addition to which we have a range of complementary office services. You can print anything you see like documents or pictures in our laser printer. Send and receive fax. Put your picture from your digital camera to CD-ROM. Photocopy or laminate any type of document. Scan and send pictures or document. We can transcript your letter or sheets and design and print business cards. We have WI-FI connection so you can use your laptop here; we help you to connect it or connect directly in our LAN. We can create your account email FREE.

Also, take here passport photo, make international or local call, listen music or watch DVD on computer and enjoy a very pleasing and quite environment with a coffee, tea, cold drinks or snacks.

So we look forward to see you here around!!

 Put your Picture on CD-ROM



  Internet $3.- /Hour

    Passport photo

Call USA for $0.20 / min.

      Call Netherlands 
   for $0.15 / min.
Fix line



Netcom Digital Center

Wilhelminastraat #4A Lokaal 1 Oranjestad, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean

Telephone: (+297) 583-0424 - Fax (+297) 583-8335

E-mail: info@netcom.aw

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